Odor Control Systems

Disinfecting & Sanitizing Unit (D&S)

D&S unit helps keep chute cleans and free of odors. The system consists of a one (1) US gallon industrial cleaner reservoir, ejector valve, and spray head installed at the top of the building. Recommended usage is 5 minutes per 20 floors of chute at least once per week. For chutes under 20 floors, it is recommended usage is 5 minutes per week.

An “Organic” type cleaner is recommended to be used because the majority of the wash down fluid will be directed to the floor drain installed in the trash room. SIMPLE GREEN or equivalent.

Chute Janitor

Fully automatic wash down system for cleaning of trash and linen chutes. A high-pressure nozzle is installed on every five (5) floors in the chute intakes. Each nozzle will be equipped with a 24V solenoid valve that will be controlled by Chute Janitor control system installed in trash room. This system will also monitor and control the EI door lock down system as well as monitor trash compaction equipment alarms. System will allow for user defined wash cycles and be operated in conjunction with disinfecting and sanitizing unit (D&S), which will also be equipped with a 24V solenoid valve.

eMIST Odor Control

The eco-friendly eMIST Trash Chute Odor Control System can be easily installed in minutes.  The unique spray nozzle assembly is attached to any style compactor or trash chute.  The eucalyptus scented solution automatically eliminates the trash odor while acting to eliminate the bacteria that causes the odor, with little maintenance.

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